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Schnauzer Personality Part 5: Schnauzers have manners

Schnauzers wait their turn. It is an innate part of their being. It is as though being proper ladies and gentleman is in their DNA. They wait to be noticed and invited.

This is particularly notable on a few daily occasions: When it is time to finally sit down after a long day, schnauzers will wait patiently at your feet for an invite onto the couch to snuggle. Also, during people meal times they will not beg at your feet rather they will gaze intensely at you from a reasonable distance waiting for you to realize that you have forgotten to share a bit of steak off your plate.

I'll be honest, sometimes they wait in a way that makes you feel a tiny bit uncomfortable-- like you are being watched....

This morning after a night shift, as I changed the puppy bedding and took pictures and videos of our adorable puppy family to send to their families-to-be, Jock and Ozzy waited 10 feet away watching me. I didn't realize they were there but I felt it. They know that the puppy area is off-limits so they quietly waited where they are allowed to be. They did not bark or become restless. They waited patiently. They knew that eventually I would leave the puppy area and walk towards them and give them the attention they know they deserve.

So, when I finally finished my puppy picture and play time, this picture below was what was quietly waiting for me. These gentlemen were waiting their turn.:) And, being a well-trained schnauzer mom, I scratched their tummies and kissed and hugged them and made sure that the boys know that they are also my #1 (both of them). Eventually, after a proper amount of attention was given ( as if it is ever enough!) the boys went out side to scout out critters and watch for those dangerous UPS drivers.

We're ready when you are. No rush. We'll wait.

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