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Schnauzer Personality Part 4: Stubborn German

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Schnauzers are stubborn. It is part of their charm.

Schnauzers do not always listen to your commands depending on the occasion. Your schnauzer will at times run away from you like a cheetah to get that squirrel that has invaded your back yard. Or, heaven forbid, neighbors have the gall to walk their dog in front of your property (gasp!). Don't worry, your schnauzer will protect you. Good luck calling him back to you before the neighbor proceeds to a more appropriate location. To a schnauzer, you, as a human, do not realize the dangers posed by this squirrel or those neighbors. Your schnauzer will protect you from your ignorance. .

Furthermore, if your UPS deliverer or mail carrier dare to drive onto your property (gasp!) and approach your house, your schnauzer will protect you. That is... unless this person knows to give your guard schnauzer a treat which signals that there is no threat here and everyone can relax; this person is our friend.

Stubborn's kryptonite is treats. Treats make schnauzers very trainable. A schnauzer will do just about anything if there is a treat involved. They love treats. Treats take the guard dog right out of them. They will roll over, dance, shake your hand and do unlimited tricks for you if you are willing to take the time to train them..

That said, no matter how well-trained your schnauzer may be, occasionally, you will find yourself throwing your hands up in the air because your dog will not do what you want him to do. If you have read this blog, consider yourself informed. :)

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