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Schnauzer personality part 2

Like most dogs, miniature schnauzers love their people. Miniature schnauzers, though, love their people jealously. You cannot just pet one at a time. This makes it difficult if you have 3 miniature schnauzers and are only one person. Truly, having three means that you need 3 hands to keep them happy. As a rule, you really should have 1 person for every two schnauzers or you will find yourself in a difficult situation at times. For example, when you come home it will look something like this:

Petting difficulty aside, miniature schnauzers make an excellent welcoming committee. Every time I come home. :)

*Note: my favorite part is the end of this video where Fritsi takes me to her babies. ;)

About 5 minutes after the dogs greeted me and I sat down Jock was on my lap gazing into my eyes. Oh how I love the schnauzer gaze....
schnauzer adoration

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