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Observations of a new mommy

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Watching Fritsi's puppies grow has been such an amazing experience for me and my kids. They make the cutest squeaks and squeals! If mommy steps away at just the wrong time the cries they let out definitely get the whole house's attention.

It has been very interesting to watch Fritsi's behaviors as a new mommy. She has picked it up so well.That said, she hasn't left behind her human kids. When the kids are home, she often will take a quick break from nursing or tending to her pups so she can run outside and check on my kids. She only spends a minute or 2 with them, though, then goes back to her pups. Back and forth.

We have been careful to make sure she gets a play break or snuggle time with us here and there, too, because she makes it clear that she wants that-- but not as often as before. She is still our little girl but she is becoming quite the mommy!

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