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Life lessons

Well before Fritsi was bred I had a few talks with my kids about the fact that this time we are not keeping a puppy. I knew it would be hard for them but also knew it would be good for them to participate in choosing our puppies' new families. Learning to let go of something you love is a challenge at any age. I am always sad when my kids' hearts are sad but it is good to learn how to cope with that.

The first heartbreak of breeding puppies was when we lost one. Fritsi's second pup was stillborn and even after a 30 minute attempt at resuscitation this sweet little salt and pepper baby didn't make it. What a horrible moment it was when we had to decide that our attempts at bringing her back were futile. That said, we talked about it and I let my girls know how proud I was of them because everyone worked so hard to try to help this puppy. There were tears but the process of going through all of that was life-changing for them, I believe. My 10-year-old stayed with Fritsi to deliver her 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th pup, not letting her sadness get in the way of the ultimate goal of helping deliver every other puppy alive and well. My 12-year-old daughter had to leave the room to have a good cry but later returned to help. The girls were so committed to Fritsi and her pups. What an awesome experience it was for them but also for me to see who my kids are when faced with a difficult and stressful situation.

More life experiences are presenting themselves because a couple of our pups have found forever homes. My youngest daughter who is 9 took it a bit hard when she found out that the pup she named, Night, has found a forever home. While we had tried to prepare for this it still came hard-- but just for a while. We friended the new family on Facebook and when my daughter found out that the new family has little kids who will love Night as much as she does she accepted it and after a hug decided then that it is her job to keep loving on the pups as long as they are in our care.

Breeding dogs and raising puppies is not for everyone but because of the joys and the sadness it has been an amazing experience so far for our family. We are so proud of our kids and so appreciative that we are able to raise beautiful miniature schnauzer puppies for families searching for a schnauzer baby of their own.

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