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Schnauzer personality part 1....

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Miniature schnauzers are notorious for personality. Their desire to please and gain your attention is intense to say the least. They live for positive attention. So often they want to get a good tummy scratch or a nice pat on the head (although if you give them an inch they want a mile so be careful what you start!). That said, they are easy to train-- especially if a treat is involved.

Please give us a treat

In the above photo, Ozzy (right, sire) is not subtle about his desire for a treat. His eyes say it all. It is late. I was at work all evening and no one remembered their daily treat (or so they want me to believe). Jock (left, godfather to the pups) is our alpha-male and while he acts like the alpha dog to the others, we taught him early on who the real bosses are (ie. me, my family, and our friends). In this photo, unlike Ozzy, Jock is looking down at the ground essentially groveling for a treat. Two different looks, same message.

So! Out come the treats but they have to show off a little to get them.

We love their moves. :)

More to come on the topic of schnauzer personality! If you are considering sharing your life with a schnauzer, beware that their big personalities require a lot of attention but they are very, very lovable. Oh, and it's really hard to have just one.

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