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And then there was one....

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

A breeder's next greatest concern after the puppies are born healthy and the dam is proving herself to be an excellent mommy is who will become the new families for the sweet pups. This issue has become more of a reality over the past 2 days.

All of the sudden, Charlie, Scout and Dwight are on hold, lovingly chosen by very sweet people, some who have loved and lost their dogs and want to fill that space in their heart. One is chosen by a couple who is ready to add a puppy to their family for the first time. All of this happened very suddenly over a few days. I could never have anticipated it would happen so quickly!

Wonderfully, my conversations with each family have been touching (and reassuring).

Thanks to the modern age, after some wonderful, extended phone conversations, we have been able to meet our puppies' forever families over Facebook.. We are even lucky enough to be selling one to family friends!

Breaking the news to each of my kids, though, as each puppy is chosen, has been another life lesson for my kids. I'm so thankful to have found families who are going to love their schnauzer babies as much as we do but at the same time it suddenly hits me that they will all have a new owner and we are simply enjoying them while they are in our care.

This time the life lesson this time is not just for my kids-- it is for me. I keep reminding myself of the joy we have felt every time we've brought home a schnauzer baby. These families get to feel that joy and I have no doubt that these puppies will be loved. That said, I have to admit that I'm sad-happy.;)


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