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We are a small, in-home breeder. Our schnauzers are a beloved part of our family. Our pups are raised around children and bred to make excellent pets. We bred our dam and sire because of their excellent temperament and beauty.


Miniature schnauzers are an exceptional breed. They are a relatively small breed, 12-14 inches at the shoulder, 11-20 pounds on average (their tendency to protect their families from intruders such as squirrels and mail carriers suggests that they believe they are much bigger). They are affectionate and known for their loyalty, intelligence, strong personalities, classic beards, and gorgeous, gazing brown eyes.


Bonus: miniature schnauzers do not shed.

Our family fell in love with our first miniature schnauzer in 2011. A few years ago we decided to add to our schnauzer family and quickly realized how difficult it is to find AKC-registered miniature schnauzer puppies that meet the breed standard in and around Minnesota. We were not and are not interested in "designer dogs" with mega-coats, merle coloring, teacup sizes etc. We respect the AMSC breed standard which has been the breed standard for over 100 years ever since the miniature schnauzer officially became recognized as a breed.  

As a result of our search, over the next few years, we added our dam and sire, Fritsi and Ozzy Ninja Prince, to our family. They are of coloring, size, and appearance which meet the AMSC breed standard. We are very pleased to have successfully bred two of the sweetest, most beautiful miniature schnauzers you could ever know.

Our dam and sire are AKC-registered and 

OFA-certified for eyes, heart, and DNA (myotonia congenita).

They are gentle, energetic, devoted, and highly intelligent.

Buying a puppy is a big decision; it means a commitment of potentially the next 15 years or more with your new family member. We appreciate how important it is to make the correct choice. Please refer to my blog to learn about miniature schnauzers.


If you have done your research and are looking to add a miniature schnauzer to your family, you have made an excellent decision. We believe that we may have the perfect schnauzer for you. Please contact me with questions. If we do not have the right pup for you we will gladly point you in the right direction. We would also gladly educate you about this sensational breed.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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